D.Tucker is a Filmmaker and Playwright 



Daniel Tucker Lizzama is a young man committed to his craft. He was born in Mexico and grew up in Hollywood, California. During his boyhood he worked as an assistant for a famous documentarian called Eduardo Duarte Ontiveros who was the President of Creativo Publicidad S.A de C.V. This company gave him the opportunity to learn how to make documentaries including professional photography, conferences and audiovisuals with Multi-Carousel Slide Projectors. Daniel Lizzama never imagined that this job would open the door to filmmaking, theater and animation in America. This young man became so proficient with his art that he was awarded several honorable recognitions worldwide and acclaimed as a writer, animator, filmmaker. In addition, his natural skills in Graphic Design made him remarkably precise for technologies.  He has also specialized in product focus strategy with User Experience Design (UX).

Getting Involved in Theater improves your improvisational skills
D. Tucker studied Theater at The Accademia Italiana - Centro di Educazione Continua Professionale Viale Monza, Milano, Italy. Rita Nachtmann was his teacher when he studied drama at UCLA. She received the Berilla Kerr Award in 1996 and the PEN Center USA West Literary Award in Drama for her play "How I Spent My Life's Vacation". Nevertheless, Daniel is a current student of Drama "Exploring Shakespeare" at Oxford University, United Kingdom. He has considerable experience in Performing Arts.

Visual Development Portafolio color script and environmental studies


 Fräulein Totina, The Tiny Girl from Vienna 

 character exploration - Animation

Drawing practice before making the preliminary sketch

Working with color - acrylic, pastel, graphite pencil & watercolor

     Each painting presents built-in step-by-step lessons which I followed to achieve the final theme.  It is a gift for me to possess painting skills from childhood, however, this practice has reinforced my techniques.


Modeling  3D Characters (Organic)

Exploring   3D Modelling - Hard Surface

Study on organic 3D modeling, Rigging, Surfaces, Lighting

This Monkey does not have a usable mesh for animating and texturing.

 Next step will be Retopology for deformation.

Medieval Warrior in Zbrush - based on Andrea Miniatures

This character does not have a usable mesh for animating and texturing.

 Next step will be Retopology for deformation.

Exploring Modeling and Rendering in Modo

A Shakespearean Character Tomasa Einstein


This cartoon does not have a usable mesh for animating and texturing.

 Next step will be  Retopology for deformation.

Fräulein Totina's Comics published by the Por Esto! Daily News


Marionettes & Stop Motion Puppets

use a similar technique - Armature handmade

My MFA in Film and Theatre offered me unique opportunities to apply what I learned in my Childhood.

Schriften zur Dramaturgie und zum Puppentheater

Writing on dramaturgy and theater of puppets 

     The writer, is usually a puppeteer himself and starts with an idea. A script will develop from this beginning, defining characters, agenda, situation, confrontation, action and dialogue. If the form of the performance is fixed in advance, as in the traditional theatre, this text will serve the purpose.  In contemporary creation, the players will modify it, many times perhaps than in other forms of theatre. Each animated figure, every element of the total image that puppeteers of today devise, will impose its demands on the script.