Daniel Tucker Repertoire


I have obtained a Master's Degree in Graphic Design and CGI Animation. Additionally, I have completed the One-Year Certificate Program in Theater from the Accademia Italiana – Centro di Educazione Continua Professionale, Milan, Italy and a Certificate in Drama at The University of Oxford, UK.   


I have been building new digital art. My first job in animation was done years ago during my teen age years with a 16 mm camera for a small company called “Iberia” from Spain.   They produced carbonated soft drinks at that time.  I have a Master Degree in Arts in Modeling and Animation for Film and Video Games. I completed studies regarding a program, built on a 3D generalist foundation, emphasized studies in CGI, modeling and texturing, visual effects, or character and creature animation. It was a career covering all aspects of 3D production.  







  • VFX Mastering Destruction

  • Characters with Facial Expressions.

  • Organic and Hard Surface Models in Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D and Zbrush.

  • Graphic Design.

  •  VFX using Real Flow, Houdini, and other applications.

  • Limited Pop Culture Animation and CGI.

  • Expertise in Substance Designer software.

  • Invisible Effects.

  • 2D animation and Children’s Book Design.

  • UI/UX Design

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